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Good Morning, Readers! Today I am visiting with the Phoenix Brothers and having double the fun as Noah and Dante Fierro find out that fighting fires is easy...finding love is the hard part! Enjoy and don't forget to add More Than a Phoenix to your shelves!





What do you get when you take
Two phoenix shifter brothers
Throw in one powerful witch
And one...monkey shifter?


Mallory Summers is losing it. She's discovered she can talk to dead people--and she might be able to shift to monkey form. Firefighter Dante Fierro knows the quirky beauty isn't crazy--just supernatural. But what would she think if she knew his secret?


Hothead Noah Fierro has his own sparks flying with gorgeous ER doctor Kizzy Samuels. While the attraction is mutual, so are the supernatural secrets. With this much sizzle going on, how do you not get burned?


Fighting fires is easy... Finding love is the hard part.



What People Are Saying About Ashlyn Chase:

"Shapeshifting done right! ...This fast-paced romance is a must-read."--RT Book Reviews for Hooked On A Phoenix, 4 Stars

"This story has it all: laughter, tears, magic and sizzling heat."--Night Owl Reviews Top Pick for I Dream of Dragons, 5 Stars

"What could be better than hot firefighters who shift into dragons and phoenixes?"--RT Book Reviews for Never Dare a Dragon, 4 Stars



Mallory Summers thinks she’s losing her mind as she starts talking to dead people and suddenly starts shifting into a monkey. Dante Fierro knows she’s not crazy because he has his own secret. Sparks are also flying between Noah Fierro and ER doctor Kizzy Samuels but both them have much more than attraction going on. Both Fierro brothers are about to discover that fighting fires is easy …finding love is the hard part.


Double the fun and double the pleasure with this sweet and passionate romance. The characters are strong, convincing and easily draw readers into this story where readers get two romances in one. Both couple’s relationship sizzles with electrical chemistry and magnetic attractions but they also have some major obstacles to overcome. Mallory and Dante are trying to get a handle on Mallory’s troubles which include some monkey business and causes quite a few intense and stressful situations that are also a little on the charming side and causes a few chuckles. Noah and Kizzy have major secrets causing strife in their relationship along with a meddlesome father and some very bad dudes which causes quite a bit of intense excitement and some intense emotional distress.


The plot is fast paced with criss crossing lives causing lot of thrilling suspense, drama and some major troubles. This keeps readers hanging on to the edge of their seats throughout this exhilarating and daring read which has some surprising twist and a very creative and non-violent conclusion to the antagonist of this delightful paranormal romance.




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More Than a Phoenix is the 2nd book in the Phoenix Brothers series.


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1 Hooked on a Phoenix
2 More than a Phoenix
3 A Phoenix is Forever



The Phoenix Brothers is connected to the Boston Dragons series!



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Ashlyn Chase has been a registered nurse for 20 years. During those years, she wrote articles for professional journals and a thesis, but eventually, thank goodness, discovered the joy and freedom of writing fiction.


Ashlyn considers herself lucky. Her degree in behavioral sciences is a combination of psychology and sociology, so she has worked with and studied people most of her life. She never has to write out exhaustive character sketches to understand her characters or predict how they will behave. That doesn't mean they don't surprise her. Sometimes they take her on grand unexpected journeys. For her, it gives "character driven novels" a whole new meaning.


Ashlyn has learned to go with the flow. To enjoy the journey is not only one of her writing goals, but also a challenge in life so she tries to follow where the story takes her. As such, she has lived in 17 different places over the years. At last, she's all settled down and comfy in New England.


Is there a grand design or do we decide our own fates? Perhaps if the powers-that-be have a plot, then they also give us the right to revise it. Ashlyn has certainly made detours on her path, but she thinks she's better for it. She's having fun at any rate and hopes that if she enjoys the journey, so will those around her—including her readers.


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