Wrath of the Goddess (Goddess with a Blade #5) - Lauren Dane


The fond memories of her wedding day are swept aside by the brutal murder of one her dearest friends and Rowan Summerwaite heads back to Las Vegas to track down those responsible. She finds a multilayered conspiracy involving multiple groups of paranormals that sets Roan on the hunt with her wrath burning from within like holy fire.


This urban fantasy just keeping better and grittier with lots blood and mayhem throughout this pulse pounding read. Rowan and Clive’s wedding was interrupted violence as enemies set off a conspiracy that has them racing home to Las Vegas. Their relationship is growing stronger as they prove, along with their allies that they are stronger together and their enemies don’t stand a chance.


Rowan is full of wrath and she is ready to kick some booty as her and her friends track down the bad guys in this fast paced plot full of adrenaline pumping excitement, explosive action and non-stop suspense. Readers remained glued to the pages as the investigation shows Rowan that she is facing a complex conspiracy involving multiple paranormals and leading to an ancient and powerful menace behind it. Unexpected twists keeps these strong, bold characters as well as the readers on their toes throughout all the exhilarating and impressive magical battles while snarky wit and the heroine’s unique brand of affections adds spice to this riveting and explosive urban fantasy.