Victor (A Vampire's Thirst #1) - A.K. Michaels


He’s an ancient Vampire, a hard-as-nails businessman and a natures that exerts steely control over everything… until the ‘Thirst’ comes like a thief in the night and changes everything. With his cravings for blood and other darker, more enticing desires rapidly growing out of control, he fears for his sanity and his life. Until a sweet, tantalizing scent casts a spell over him and races to find that which he thought was a myth…his Bloodmate.


This fascinating story starts readers off with a bounty of suspense and intrigue as the get to know the sexy vampire and become caught up in his emotional distress as he tries struggles with the ‘Thirst’. The story is fast paced, full of thrilling suspense and strong, desirable characters that can’t wait to become acquainted with. The emotional turmoil makes the characters life like, vulnerable and easily connected to which also endears Victor to readers.


The romance between Victor and Kimber sizzles with lots of electrical chemistry and brings smiles to readers faces because their relationship is so very sweet, cheery and of course ultra-steamy. Of course, this romance has a major obstacle since there are those that want to get their hands on his dragon to steal her magic which has readers biting their nails in expectation of whether Victor can keep Kimber safe. The story takes place in a world that has a unique vampire element that makes it a bit different from other vampire romances and ensures that readers have a delightfully sexy, steamy and entertaining experience.