Magic Fire - Catherine Vale, Sedona Venez


Darius may be a spine-tingling sexy dragon shifters with a wicked sense of humor, but Kay is a powerful fairy and the last thing she wants is to be burdened by this mysterious stranger even if he does insists that her life is in danger. Kaye and Darius are forced into the shadows and she must form uneasy alliances and unravel the secrets of her true identity just to survive. Battling an army of darkness becomes their way of life, but this new evil will stop at nothing to tear Kaye apart, limb by limb.


This urban fantasy collection takes place in a fascinating world with a complex structure that readers can easily become engaged in and they lose track of time as they become more and more caught up in all the intrigue, action and romance. The characters are strong, powerful and full of life as they struggle to survive in a war they didn’t see coming. The plot of all three stories are fast paced, full of suspense, exciting battles, stunning twists and steamy romance.


Even though this story has a slow burning romance between Darius and Kaye, this hero and heroine make an excellent couple full of sizzling chemistry, magnetic attraction and blazing hot passion. As they grow closer together throughout the collection of stories, they produce so many sparks that it’s a wonder the pages of the book don’t catch on fire. The story also lots of emotional turmoil, secrets, betrayals, cunning traps and explosive magical battles that readers can’t put this epically suspenseful and pulse pounding read down once they get started.