Her Redeemed Hero: Federal Paranormal Unit - Terri A. Wilson


Life is full of should - have’s and US Marshal, Washington Bender has his fair share but living in the past is a waste of time until that past comes knocking at the door. A phone call from his sister pulls him back to the pack and the woman he never should have left. She’s takes care of other people’s kids but Axelle Michaels is struggling to take care of her brother and when he falls into the wrong crowd that includes the alpha of the pack, she has to trust her first love to save her brother and her pack.


This second chance romance is passionate and exciting with strong, captivating characters that easily draw readers into their story. Washington and Axelle have some serious chemistry and readers can immediately tell that passion burns hot and deep between them, but the past may just keep them apart, which lots of emotional turmoil flowing from the pages throughout as they struggle with their feelings, the magnetic draw and of course the feelings between the alpha and the couple as it soon becomes apparent just what the alpha has been up to.


The plot is fast paced with lots of adrenaline pumping excitement and thrilling suspense keeps readers glued to the pages as this investigation turns into something dangerous with surprising twists as all of the Marshal teams suspicions become reality. Which gives readers a thrilling reading experience with multilayered plots and an emotionally gripping romance.