A Deal with Death (Crescent City Wolf Pack #4) - Carrie Pulkinen


Every time she meets her soulmate, Odette Allemand’s life ends in a horrific murder. She’s determined to survive this time, but a sexy werewolf seals her fate with his enticing kiss. James Malveaux wants to claim Odette as his mate, but without the help of the Spirit of Death, they can kiss their lives goodbye.


This New Orleans romance immerses readers into a chillingly wonderful culture that the author has brought to vibrant life. The characters are strong, bold and easily draw readers into their inner circle as they try to fight fate and unravel the mystery of their past lives. The romance is a very suspenseful one full of passion, chemistry and emotional angst that makes this heroine and hero life like and their situation very intriguing.


The fast paced plot builds the suspense up to hair raising and spine tingling heights as Odette and James try to appease Baron Semedi and the Loas in order to change their fate and defeat an evil monster. The setting of the story and the author’s wonderful depiction of the New Orleans and the Voodoo culture adds great ambiance to this story making it easy for readers to believe in and become completely caught up in this splendid and fascinating romance full of werewolves, spirits, chemistry and passion.