Moonlight Bride (High House Canis #3) - Riley Storm


The farm is home to the rebellious members of House Canis and Linden Canis is supposed to be protecting the perimeter but he’s being distracted by Chloe who is struggling to run her farm. When disaster strikes, it leaves nothing untouched.


The third book in the High House Canis series is a smorgasbord of romance, suspense and excitement. Chloe and Linden has lots of sizzling chemistry and theses strong, compelling characters know just how to take advantage of that chemistry. The romance is sweet and the passion is hot but the relationship has some issues, like Linden’s reluctance to put his heart on line by sharing his secret and Chloe is unsure about giving into romance which has a story full of emotional angst and characters that easily draw readers in and has them empathizing with them.


The plot takes place a fast clip with lots of adrenaline pumping excitement and suspense that keeps readers on the edge of their seats with a few twists to liven things up even more. The loyalists are causing quite a bit of mayhem and chaos and a greedy human gets caught up in it when he tries to manipulate Chloe out of her farm. The battles between the rebels and the loyalists are explosively exciting and life like which makes readers bite their nails in apprehension of which side will come out on top. The battle is heating up and the rebels are growing stronger and readers don’t want to miss one second of this riveting war.