The Black Lily (Tales of the Black Lily) - Juliette Cross


The threat the Varis family poses to the humans they rule over grows stronger every day and Arabelle’s resolve to overthrow the vampire monarchy grows as well. Now is the perfect time to ignite the underground resistance’s rebellion, by attending the prince’s blood ball and killing him. But Prince Marius could be more than the Prince Charming he appears to be if he listens and understands the truth.


This is the first book in fascinating and different vampire world that readers can really sink their teeth into. The chemistry between Arabelle and Marius has sparks flying in every direction from every page of this fiery and volatile romance that provides readers with a very entertaining mix of passion, laughter and adventure. The characters are strong, the emotional turmoil fits the story and characters so well that readers really feel as if they know and understand both sides of the conflict. The heroine is quite saucy and spirited while the hero is an arrogant male who soon turns into a real prince and readers just have to sigh in pleasure.


The wonderful setting adds just the right atmosphere to the story to make it believable and readers find that the story ‘feels right’ which makes it delightfully exciting and quite thrilling as they get caught up in the suspense and action of this story. The clever ‘Cinderella’ fairy tale retelling makes this vampire romance, one that readers will want to visit over and over again.