Warrior in Love (Odin's Bastards #3) - Sheryl Nantus


He races around the world, retrieving priceless artifacts from criminals, but Special Agent Trace Dyson’s dream is to recover a spear that was stolen from The Valkyrie’s Tomb. He sees a woman steal a bracelet from the tomb’s exhibit and he’s intrigued, so before he takes her to jail, he has a few questions. Worn out from her duties, Valkyrie Laila Nyland’s final mission is find a mystical spear lost long ago. Forced into a partnership, Trace and Laila’s respective missions become one mission – one that makes them responsible for saving the world – that is if they can trust each other longer than two minutes.


The ‘Odin’s Bastards’ series just keeps getting better and better. Laila and Tyson are strong, bold characters that easily fall for and their chemistry is full of electrical sparks that set off lots explosive clashes with each other whether steeped in passion, heat, or combatant. Their secrets cause quite a bit of problems for the couple as well which keeps emotional turmoil at an all-time high throughout.


The plot is fast paced with lots of thrilling suspense, exhilarating excitement and jaw dropping moments that ratchets the enjoyment of the is reading experience to epic proportions. The story has quite the adventurous “Raiders of the Lost Ark” feel to it and keeps readers’ fingers ready to turn the page at a split seconds’ notice. The author incorporated more paranormal and mythological elements to the story that includes a very exciting battle with monsters and the story itself keeps readers in suspense regarding the HEA until the end of this riveting read.