Get Away (Brotherhood Bonds #3) - Jade Chandler


The last person Glory wanted to see was the man walking into her hospital room, but she need Delta and his brothers to help get away from the criminals who had beaten her and left her like a bag of trash on the hospital lawn. Now she’s in the Jericho Brotherhood’s debt and she was prepared to pay with anything excerpt her heart, but that’s just Delta demanded.


What a stimulating and rousing story! The chemistry between Delta and Glory sizzled and sparks with lots of electrically charged emotions so that readers can easily become caught up in everything this couple feels. The romance is quite challenged since both Delta and Glory is extremely reluctant to the idea but as their attraction is too hot to ignore which makes this hero and heroine’s relationship a bit topsy turvy and full of angst.


The plot is fast paced and easily pulls readers in and keeps them completely engaged as Delta and members of the Brotherhood execute a plan to keep Glory safe. Which means that the story has quite a bit of violence to it but the author doesn’t a great job of getting the idea and the ‘feel’ of the violence across without getting too graphic. These strong, captivating characters may not have a typical romance but they certainly have one that is an enjoyable experience – one that sticks with readers.