5 Star Rainbow

A Rainbow Above Us - Sharon Sala


After Hurricane Fanny hit Blessings, Georgia, Rowan Harper is the only surviving member of her family and rebuilding her life seems impossible. A decade ago, Bowie James and his mother were forced out of town, but now his grandmother needs him to help rebuild her home.


This heartwarming romance starts off with some excitement of the ‘Hatfield and McCoy’ kind and just gets better from there. The hero and heroine is strong, compelling characters that easily win over the hearts of readers as the sparks sizzle and pop with lots of chemistry. The relationship is sweet with a steady build of heat and romance throughout the story and invokes a whole range of emotions for readers to experience.


The plot is a steady paced romance with some thrilling excitement when some of Bowie’s estranged family cause’s friction and trouble throughout the story, but for the most part, this story focuses on two people who fall for each other by helping out others and trying to rebuild lives in the aftermath of a deadly hurricane. The way the author includes all the inhabitants of this small town makes the story seem more realistic and captivates readers’ hearts as they feel as if they really know the characters. This romance is truly an inspirational and delightful read that warms the heart and puts smiles on the faces of readers.