4 Star Misbehavior

One Night of Misbehavior - Shelley Munro


In an act of disobedience, Charlotte Dixon attends one the social events of the year, a masquerade costume ball and lets her naughtiness escalate into one night of anonymous passion that makes her yearn for a different life. But then it’s back to her dull routine. She doesn’t have time for a man if she wants to reinvent herself, so she’s shocked when she meets her masked man in the flesh and he’s determined to win his princess.


This sexy romp of a romance is a spicy heartfelt fairytale that blends a little bit of ‘Cinderella’ and little bit of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and composes its own beautiful music in a wonderfully sexy and titillating modern fairytale that readers can’t help but envy. The romance is sweet, passionate and full of sizzling chemistry but the relationship is full of emotional turmoil and family misconduct that tries to keep this couple from reaching the happily ever after that they so obviously deserve.


The plot is fast paced and keeps readers glued to the pages in expectation of just how this fairy tale will end. The strong group of characters involved makes it easy for readers to picture Charlotte and Ashes lives which in turn makes it easy to really get to know the characters and become engaged in this rich, sensual, and very enjoyable romance.