4 Star Curse

Curse of the Dragon - Stephanie Rowe, S.A. Bayne


She’s spent the last two centuries trapped indoors and Theresa Nichols is so over being stuck in dragon form, especially since she’s about to miss out on her one chance for love. So makes she a deal with Satan and she’s finally human, only everything starts to fall apart…the man she’s falling for is an ex-dragon slayer, her ex-lover from a couple centuries ago is stalking her and there’s a team of active dragon slayers hunting her down. Not only is there no chance for a dragon and a dragon slayer to make a relationship work but there’s no way she can protect the Goblet of Eternal Youth.


The second book in the ‘Immortally Cursed’ series is as bright, funny and vividly passionate as the first but it also puts new meaning to the song “Crazy Thing Called Love!” It’s crazy, its zany, its super feisty and so energetic that keeps readers holding on the edge of their seat from beginning to end. The chemistry between Theresa and Zeke is electrical which keeps the pages singing with sparks and passion but this relationship is hits the rocks from the very first ‘in the flesh’ meeting and only gets more feisty and explosive from there.


The plot is fast paced and full of non-stop action, excitement and laughs that keeps readers in stitches even while they bite their nails in suspense of just what will happen next. A whole host of wonderfully different, uniquely charming characters ensures that the readers can really get involved in the story and with stunning twists, fun and quirky elements, vivid imagery, this story is a diabolical delight.