Release Day Review! Warrior of Darkness: Dark Huntress (Warrior of Darkness #3) Ava K. Michaels!




Readers, Lets start this week off right by visiting the darkly addicting Warrior of Darkness series to find out if he will do something that he swore to never do or allow Ariana to die! Enjoy and don't forget to add Warrior of Darkness: Dark Huntress by Ava K. Michaels to your shelves!





Break a centuries-old vow? Or allow her to die?


I’m filled with fury. It burns inside me. She’s been taken from me. Ariana is hurt. Tortured. Failing fast. I feel her. Sense her. I’ll tear this damn city apart to get to her. I’ll destroy anyone in my path…


But will I be too late?


I have a choice to make. Do something I swore never to do. I’ve kept that promise…until now. Can I break my oath for her? The alternative is unthinkable. Unbearable. Can I go on if I don’t? Or die in a hail of flames?



Continue to see what lurks in the shadows of DARK HUNTRESS, book three in the latest dark paranormal hit series by Ava K Michaels that readers are comparing to I T LUCAS and SHERRILYN KENYON.



Ariana has been taken and Lazarus is filled with fury as he feels her being tortured and he’ll tear the city apart to get to her. But once he finds her, he finds he has to make a choice between breaking a centuries-old vow or allow her to die. Can Lazarus break his oath for Ariana? Can he go on if he doesn’t?


This ‘Warrior of Darkness’ story is an emotionally gripping and explosively energetic read that has readers holding their breath throughout. Ariana and Lazarus’s relationship has continued to grow in a strong, passionate bond that is tested in ways no one should ever have to face, keeping ‘real’ emotions flowing from every page and making it hard for readers to remain detached as they are completely captivate by the couple that they have come to know through the previous two books.


The plot is fast pace and non-stop exhilarating excitement that energizes readers into wanting to take action right alongside the captivating Ariana and sexy, Lazarus. Not only is the enemy, upping her game, she has plans with plans and does her best to stay one step ahead of Lazarus and his friends but is some stunning twist and astonishing OMG betrayal things become even more dangerous and chaotic, ensuring that there is no way reader can put this story down once they start reading it. Note: this is not a standalone story and must be read in order to get the full explosive and addicting reading experience.





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Dark Huntress is the 3rd book in the Warrior of Darkness series


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1 Dark Hunter
2 Dark Hunger
3 Dark Huntress




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New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels lives in Scotland, spending her time with family, pets and writing.


She writes Paranormal Romance With A Bite, and has a number of series out so far, over thirty books to whet your appetite. Ava took up writing later in life and is always thinking of the next story to indulge herself in.


She loves reading, chocolate, Rose wine and Luna who is a German Shepherd and mad as a hatter, and Jinx, a black Lab that is more than a little nuts. She has twitter, website and a Facebook page where she loves chatting to folks.


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