4 Star Flame

Fuel the Flame - Terri A. Wilson


Neither of them had any plans to settle down, but now both Remington and Dai are engaged to be married and in line for the throne, that is if Remington can keep his bride to be from being killed. Planning this wedding is twice as hard as it should be as these two shifters have to not only strengthen their relationship but stop a deranged serial killer before another dragon dies.


Remington and Dai’s story continues in this thrilling romance. Dai and Remington may have some sizzling chemistry going on and may engage is some steamy passion but this relationship still has a lot of growing to do as they try to plan their wedding. The story is short, but fast paced and action packed as the couple discover some much needed info regarding the serial killer and some stunning twists have readers biting their nails in suspense. Of course, since this is a serial romance the story does in another cliffhanger which will have readers biting their nails some more in anticipating of what happens next.