4 Star Son

Sins of the Son - Linda Poitevin, Lydia M. Hawke


Still reeling from the loss of her soulmate and her brush with at the hands of a Fallen Angel, the last thing Detective Alexandra Jarvis wants is to get involved in the ongoing tug-of-war between Heaven and Hell once again. But she has no choice as she is the only mortal aware of Seth’s true nature and his face is being plastered across a nationwide police bulletin. Ill her fight to save him send the world over into the very chaos she’s desperately trying to avoid?


The tug-of-war between the Angels and the Fallen continues in electrifying second Grigori Legacy novel. All the characters continue in their strong, compelling roles that easily holds readers captive in this fascinating world with a unique perspective on the whole heaven vs hell war. The romance however is a bit different as we know from the previous story that Alexandra lost her soulmate and while Aramael does his part to play in this story, Seth is taking point which wreaks havoc with Alexander’s emotions.


The plot is fast paced with lots of thrilling suspense, adrenaline pumping action as Lucifer and the Fallen up their game and the Angels continue to have a few problems as well which really keeps readers in suspense of just how this war will play out. Some explosive twists and emotionally disturbing turns really pack quite a punch to this story and readers can’t help but remained glued to the pages of this electrifying and explosive story.