4 Star Growl

Real Men Growl - Celia Kyle, Marina Maddix


She did what she could to protect her packmates from the evil Riverson werewolves, all while raising her orphaned nephew as her own and now Rachel is determined to live her life on her own terms. Gavin Blackwood is trying to redistribute the survivors of the Riversons to healthy packs but he’s ran into a problem – the sexy-as-sin and most stubborn Omega and his mate. He may have expected gratitude, but what he got as gorgeous she-wolf who defied him at every turn.


This werewolf romance is quite intense with a great story and some charming characters. Gavin and Rachel are two very strong characters that really speak to the reader making it easy for the readers to become completely caught up in their story. The chemistry between the hero and heroine is off the charts but the relationship is a bit rocky due to some emotional issues and the heroine’s determination to live her life the way she fits. And there is quite a bit of amusing dialogue between Rachel and Gavin that have readers smile or even erupting in laughter.


The plot is fast pace and full of thrilling suspense, not only in regards to whether Gavin can win Rachel’s heart, but also due to someone from the old pack who has some nefarious intentions. Add in some a cute little boy, mischievous kittens and there readers can’t help but have a delightfully entertaining reading experience that has them wanting hear more from the Blackwood Pack.