5 Star Threads of Destiny

Threads of Destiny (Tapestries #4) - N.J. Walters


Marc Garen couldn’t have been happier when the magical tapestry brought his loving bride into his life but their buoyant happiness is a stark reminder of the loneliness that haunts his soul. To save the lives of two men who were part of a scientific experiment, Kathryn Piedmont has put her own life at risk and she’s convinced that their fate is sealed.


The magical tapestry is once again uniting brides with their mates but this time things are quite different in this fantastical and thrilling time travel romance. The characters are strong, vivid and full of passion which makes it easy for readers to become completely caught up in their emotionally gripping experience. The chemistry between Kathryn and the three men is electrical and has sparks flying everywhere but the sparks between Marc and Kathryn is even more so and the story reflects the realism and emotional angst at having to make choices that affect your life permanently.


The plot is fast paced and the story is on the short side but this story has some unique differences from the previous books and also provides more of the legend behind the tapestry and its magic and readers can’t help but enjoy the experience of reading this sinfully delicious and delightful romance.