5 Liberating Stars

Liberating Lacey - N.J. Walters


Along with his brothers, Garth Marks are a mission to find their younger sister and their search has them to Eden, the home of a cult-like group. Lacey Freshlan wants to get away from Eden, but while Garth is willing to use the sizzling attraction between them to get information, he won’t agree to take her with him. But when Lacey foils a plot to poison them and they have to flee for their lives, all bets are off.


The Marks brothers’ are one step closer to finding their sister in this super exciting romance. Garth and Lacey are perfect for each other with some out of this world chemistry and a romance that is sweet with loads of passion although the relationship has a major obstacle – Lacey is part of the cult like group that they are investigating which causes some emotional angst and excitement. The story proceeds at a fast pace and keeps readers glued to the pages with lots of thrilling suspense and an informative and fascinating visit to Eden. This story may be short but it super sweet and blazingly sexy with explosive excitement to spice thing up even more.