5 Star Spirit Chasers

Spirit Chasers: The Complete Series - Carrie Pulkinen


Three haunting, steamy romance stories – one in which a spirit is hell bent on keeping a medium and an empath apart and one where a man wants to give his heart woman but a shadow demon is after his soul and last but not least a ghostly second chance romance with a paranormal investigator and a psychic medium are being driven apart by a phantom determined to possess his medium.


This set of books is a triple delight of spine tingling suspenseful chills that keeps readers shivering in anticipation of what will happen in the characters bid for ‘happily ever after. All three stories have strong, likeable characters that easily draw readers into their stories and they all three fast paced and with plot heavy on the suspense and romance. Each of the stories are connected but with decidedly different ghostly elements and each of the heroes and heroines have unique vulnerabilities that make each story a delightful reading experience.


The plots easily build the suspense of each story to epic proportions and keep readers glued to the pages with stunning twists keeping things quite lively and spicy. The author really makes these stories stand out and believable which means that readers can really sink their teeth into as they picture each and every scene and they can even ‘feel’ the scene as well. There are ghost stories and then there are GHOST STORIES and these spirited romances are a hair raising experience times three to read.