5 Star Eden

Shifter's Eden - Tia Didmon


Known as the Red Widow, she’s worked for one the worst criminals in the world in order to protect the one she loves and Brock Cascade is Jane Eden’s final assignment. He never expected his latest deal to include his mate but when the frigid red-haired beauty arrives to complete the transaction, Brock vows that nothing will stop him from taking what’s his.


The newest Cascade Cougar romance is one intense and satisfying read. The hero and heroine have some stunning chemistry and while they be opposite in temperaments, there is no denying that will be one hot couple. The relationship is chock full of emotions that constantly flows from the pages and readers can’t help but become completely enthralled with their story.


Thrilling suspense and adrenaline pumping excitement keeps readers on the edge of their seat throughout this fast paced story with some surprising twists keeping them guessing. But this story is so packed with non-stop suspenseful events that readers may be afraid to blink in case they miss something as the hero and heroine try to discover a way for everybody to survive and reach a happily ever after…well, they aren’t trying to help those nasty bad guys especially after not one but two kidnappings. Loads and Loads of excitement has readers experiencing an adrenaline rush while the scorching hot passion has them melting into a puddle of goo while reading this exhilarating romance.