5 Star Knight

Bishop's Knight - Katie Reus


She’s very good at getting into places she doesn’t belong but years of working black ops has burned her out, so Evie Bishop returns home. But her return lands her right into unexpected chaos with one brother in a coma and the other in hiding and wanted for murder, so when a fellow operative from her past shows up, she turns to the one man she knows she can trust. Dylan Blackwood is stunned when he finds Evie on his doorstep covered in blood. She turned down his marriage proposal and walked out of his life, so he’ll give the help she needs even if he can’t forget her betrayal.


This powerfully explosive and thrillingly suspenseful romantic suspense starts things off with excitement and suspense and just keeps getting better. The hero and heroine have sparks flying in every direction throughout their rocky relationship as their magnetic attraction keeps getting in the way of their determination to keep things platonic this time round. Lots of emotional angst and friction round out this electrical relationship and ensures that readers really want to know how things work out between Dylan and Evie.


The plot is fast paced, non-stop excitement and packed full of suspense and startling twists and an astonishing betrayal that rocks everyone’s world. In fact the story is so suspenseful and full of head turning events including those gut wrenching ones that involve her family that Evie is kept going full out throughout the story. Once again, the author has created a fascinating world full of wonderful characters that readers easily fall for and want to visit over and over again and painting such vivid imagery that they remain glued to every last word.