Double Review! Madness Unhinged & Touch of Madness (Dragons of Zalara #2 & 2.5) M.L. Guida!




It's Double the Pleasure time Readers! Today I am going to visit with the Dragons of Zalara to find their soulmates! Enjoy and don't forget to add Madness Unhinged & Touch of Madness by M.L. Guida to your shelves!





Detective Agnes Malloy is stunned.…


Jack the Ripper is back!


Two women are found brutally murdered in modern-day Denver–their M.O. identical to the victims in 1888 London. But Agnes has no clues to the murder. Women are terrified, and if Agnes doesn’t solve the case, the police commissioner will have her handing out parking tickets.


Her troubles increase when a mysterious man appears, claiming to be with the FBI. But no one called them. He insists that she needs his help–her life depends on it.


It’s up to Anonghos, the chief security officer of the Orion, to stop a deadly alien from killing the Zalarian’s designated mates. He’s cut off from his ship, and to make matters worse, he doesn’t know who the alien is and must wait for him to strike.


His only hope is to stay close to the curvy detective who just happens to be his mate, without her accusing him of being the murderer. The body is count about to sky rocket and only by working together can they stop an enemy bent on destroying both their worlds.




Literally – cursed by a vengeful witch, Gwen Black is divided in two – two identical halves, one good the other evil. Her evil self is committing crimes and the attractive but arrogant sheriff arrests her innocent half. He even shows her video tapes depicting a woman that looks exactly like her burglarizing stores – but she knows she didn’t do it! Convinced there’s an impostor, Gwen must prove her innocence before her handsome captor locks her away forever.


Theo has problems of his own, struggling to control his shape-shifting abilities.

Every time someone he cares about is in trouble, he shape-shifts into an uncontrollable fire breathing dragon. The last thing he wants to deal with is a beautiful thief who insists she’s innocent, even when he’s got the proof, but he can’t help being drawn to her. Her presence calms the raging dragon inside him.

When Theo locks Gwen in his jail and another crime is committed by a woman who looks exactly like her, Theo is perplexed, but determined to discover the truth.

He uncovers the little thief is his soul mate under a spell and the only way to break it is by a true love kiss. Can Theo control his dragon long enough to woo Gwen and convince her that he is her knight in shining armor, or will he lose her forever with the next new moon?




Zalarian chief security officer, Anonghos travels to earth to find his mate, stop a deadly alien from killing all designated mates but he’s cut off from his ship, and doesn’t know who the alien is. Two women are found brutally murdered and Detective Agnes Malloy is stunned because they appear identical to the Jack the Ripper murders and because a mysterious man is claiming that her life depends on his help.


The second book in the Dragons of Zalara series is suspenseful to the extreme as an almost unstoppable serial killer tries to murder Zalarian mates. The characters are strong, compelling and easily draw readers into their story and the chemistry between Anonghos and Agnes is out of this world hot and has sparks flying in every direction. While this hero and heroine seem to be completely perfect for each other, their relationship is an asteroid field full of obstacles and lots of emotional distress due to past hang ups and mistrust, which readers can ‘t help but commiserate with.


The plot is fast pace and full of exciting events and thrilling suspense that keeps readers on the edge of their seat as an alien enemy with a deadly agenda runs rampant. The fact that this enemy has some gifts that make it almost impossible to stop him, really amps ups the suspense and excitement of the story and some surprising twists keeps readers wondering what will happen next in this fascinatingly suspenseful romance.





She’s being accused of committing a crime spree but Gwen Black knows that she didn’t do it! To prove her innocence she must determine how she came to be in this magical place. Struggling to control his shapeshifting abilities, the last thing Theo wants to deal with is a beautiful thief who is persisting that she is innocent even though he has proof.


This paranormal romance is cute, charming and exciting. The characters are strong, magical and easily enthrall readers as they try to discover the truth behind the crimes and try to fight their magnetic attraction. The relationship is self is sweet, full of sizzling chemistry and electrical spark, while the plots is fast paced and full of charm and excitement, the story could benefit from a bit longer as it over way too quickly. Lots of magical mayhem in a quirky, fun small town adds zest to the delightfully spunky dragon shifter romance.





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Madness Unhinged is the 2nd book in the Dragons of Zalara series & Touch of Madness is #2.5 in the series.


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1 Madness Unleashed
2 Madness Unhinged
2.5 Touch of Madness (Magic, New Mexico)
3 Madness Unmasked
3.5 Touch of Darkness (Magic, New Mexico)
4 Madness Unbalanced


Touch of Madness is 3rd book in the Magic, New Mexico / Magical Shifter world!



1 Touch of Curiosity
2 Touch of Darkness
3 Touch of Madness
4 The Touch of the Dragon



Dragons of Zarlara are allies with the Bears of Aria



MADNESS UNHINGED AVAILABLE in print, ebook, audio & Kindle Unlimited


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Vampires, demons and witches! I love to write about these dark entities and the darker the better. My characters are plunged into worlds where they experience torture and mayhem, but even in a world of darkness, true love survives. I write both, sci-fi, contemporary and historical paranormal stories.


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