New Release Review! Shatter (Crown of Fae #2 / Souls and Shadows box set) Sharon Ashwood!




Good Morning Readers! Today I am visiting the realm of the Fae in Shatter one of the many wonderful stories in the Souls and Shadows Limited Edition Collection!
Enjoy and don't forget this collection to your shelves!





A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection

Darkness has risen, and the shadows are calling.

Face haunting new worlds filled with paranormal creatures and breathtaking romance. Journey with beautiful beasts, sexy-as-sin vampires, soul-searing demigods, shadowy necromancers, and unlikely heroes as they fall in love and battle for good in this collection of fantasy adventures.

Will they survive the shadow’s call?

There’s only one way to find out.

Fans of Jim Butcher and Ilona Andrews will get lost in this heart-pounding magical collection of 25 tales from today’s USA Today bestsellers and talented new authors.

One-Click today to summon your copy and see if you can survive the night.

Featuring stories from...

USA Today bestselling author Heather Marie Adkins
USA Today bestselling author Lori Titus
USA Today bestselling author Normandie Alleman
USA Today bestselling author Nicole Morgan
USA Today bestelling author and RITA Award Winner Sharon Ashwood
Emerald Dodge
S.A. McClure
Anna Applegate
Tamar Sloan
Bella Andrews
Claire Davon
Robert Jeschonek
Candace Sams & Angelique Armae
McKayla Schutt
Julie Kramer
Jenny Foster
Michele Barrow-Belisle
Adrienne Blake
Dani Rene & Cora Kenborn
JT Lawrence
D.C. Gomez
Sabrina Ramoth
Stefan Lear & E.M. Whittaker
Calliope Bay
New York Times Best Selling author Rebecca Hamilton





One lover is lying. The other will kill them all.


Tessa Harrison takes a cruise to Alaska, desperate to forget her latest failed relationship. But just like her love life, the voyage seems doomed. Who is the specter haunting her cabin? And why are there sea monsters circling the ship?


The answer is shattering. Tessa’s ex—better known as the Sea King—is working his magic to win her back. Tessa has powers he needs to invade the mortal realms, and if he was dangerous before, he’s raised his game to new heights. But Maxwell Stokes, captain of the ghost ship Solitude, is a guardian of the gateway between worlds. He’s doomed to sail alone—although that doesn’t rule out unexpected sparks. From their first meeting, he and Tessa clash and steam like fire and ice, enemies and equals. Still, she’s a hazard the captain can’t ignore. She is the key to his success—or his failure.


Tessa is independent, powerful, and caught between two fierce, seductive males. Survival means backing one against the other. Both want her power. Both claim she is the only woman they desire. But which one is telling the truth?


Tessa must choose—and the wrong choice could destroy both worlds.




Desperate to forget her failed relationship, Tessa Harrison takes a cruise to Alaska but the trip seems doomed with a specter haunting her cabin and sea monsters circling the ship. Tessa is caught between two fierce seductive males and surviving means back one against the other. The Sea King, Tessa’s ex, is working his magic to win her back and he’s raised his game to new heights because he needs her powers to invade the mortal realms. Captain of the ghost ship, Solitude, Maxwell Stokes is the guardian of the gateway between worlds and Tessa is the key to his success – or his failure. Tessa must choose but the wrong choice could destroy both worlds.


This fantastic fantasy has it all – underwater kingdoms, magical portals, ghosts ships, dragons, water fae, evil, magic, explosive battles and a love triangle of such importance that lives hang in the balance. The characters are strong, memorable and full of sizzling chemistry and determination while the triangle romance leads them all through an entangled and twisted path full of difficult choices that keeps the emotional turmoil flowing.


The plot and is fast paced and full of adrenaline pumping, hair raising suspense and explosive excitement in a non-stop adventure that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Stunning twists and betrayals rock the very foundations of two worlds and the wonderfully bold and furious characters ensures that readers can’t take their eyes off their electrifying adventure no matter what!


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Shatter is the 2nd book in the Crown of Fae series by Sharon Ashwood.


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#3 Smolder (soon)
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