Better Than 5 Star Luck

Better Than Luck - Brandy L. Rivers


Danika’s father is a leprechaun with a nasty habit of stealing luck and after witnessing several tragedies caused her self-centered father, she has no intention of accepting her heritage. But now the leukemia she had as a child is back, throwing her happy life with Adam and their child in turmoil. Adam and Danika made a vow that they would live and love as mortals, but now he would do anything to keep Danika at his side.


This romance is an emotional and thoroughly engaging story that warms the heart but also stirs some violent emotions in readers in regards to an epic douchebag. Danika and Adams’ love has shined bright and strong as readers have come across them in previous stories and readers can’t help but become caught up in their struggle to come to terms with accepting something that neither of them wanted in order to keep their family together. This has lots of emotional angst flowing from the pages and readers should be prepared for the angst as well as the heartwarming thrill of strength of true love.


The plot is fast paced and extremely suspenseful with some unexpected twists adding excitement and thrills revolving around Danika’s options but also regarding her supposedly dead father who has returned with the intent to drain every ounce of luck from his ungrateful daughter. Readers can’t put this gut wrenching but inspiring story down as they just have to know what happens.