5 Star Shatter

Souls and Shadows - Angelique Armae, Jenny Foster, Julie Kramer, Sharon Ashwood, Michele Barrow-Belisle, Lori Titus, Heather Marie Adkins, Rebecca  Hamilton, Normandie Alleman, Claire Davon, McKayla Schutt, Bella Andrews, Sabrina Ramoth, Cora Kenborn, Dani René, Tamar Sloan, Adrienne Blake,


This review is based on Shatter by Sharon Ashwood.

Desperate to forget her failed relationship, Tessa Harrison takes a cruise to Alaska but the trip seems doomed with a specter haunting her cabin and sea monsters circling the ship. Tessa is caught between two fierce seductive males and surviving means back one against the other. The Sea King, Tessa’s ex, is working his magic to win her back and he’s raised his game to new heights because he needs her powers to invade the mortal realms. Captain of the ghost ship, Solitude, Maxwell Stokes is the guardian of the gateway between worlds and Tessa is the key to his success – or his failure. Tessa must choose but the wrong choice could destroy both worlds.


This fantastic fantasy has it all – underwater kingdoms, magical portals, ghosts ships, dragons, water fae, evil, magic, explosive battles and a love triangle of such importance that lives hang in the balance. The characters are strong, memorable and full of sizzling chemistry and determination while the triangle romance leads them all through an entangled and twisted path full of difficult choices that keeps the emotional turmoil flowing.


The plot and is fast paced and full of adrenaline pumping, hair raising suspense and explosive excitement in a non-stop adventure that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Stunning twists and betrayals rock the very foundations of two worlds and the wonderfully bold and furious characters ensures that readers can’t take their eyes off their electrifying adventure no matter what!