4 Star Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf - Dana Marie Bell


Noah Wulfenbach has been vigilant in his caring for his mate, sitting beside her tree, talking to it but now she’s back and his relief is matched only by his desire to drag the feisty dryad to his house to complete their mating bond. Iva is ready to make for lost time, curious and excited to find out just how firmly she’s tied to Mr. Tall, Dark and Growly. But before they can explore the depth of their connection they have to kill the most powerful of demons…or die trying.


‘Maggie’s Grove is the place to be… the strong, solid characters are easily connected to and draw readers into their story which is full of passion, strength, loyalty and a willingness to fight evil. The romance between Noah and Iva is sweet with lots of powerful chemistry but their relationship has started off with trouble which they must overcome before they can hope to fulfill their destined bond. This keeps emotions and passion flowing from the pages as readers become enthralled with this couple.


The plot is fast paced and a bit complex with lots of suspense and excitement and readers can’t help but continue to turn the pages until they have read every last word. The battle with the Van Helsings is an ongoing one, so the story is best read in sequence for complete understanding of the character relationships and the nuances of the conflict but the story is still quite enjoyable if readers haven’t read them. This series is full of wonderfully unique and fascinating characters in a vivid and entertaining world that readers can’t get enough of and this one is a powerful and exhilarating reading experience.