5 Star Strands of Love

Strands of Love - N.J. Walters


Samantha Calloway is facing mounting debts and a merciless drought as she struggles to save the farm that’s been in her family for generations and while an unscrupulous neighbor has offered her a way out, she’s hoping for a miracle. Jace and Darian Hunter are deeply committed to the welfare of their expansive lands and all the people who rely on them but they are also deeply saddened at the prospect of living out their lives without the blessing of a loving women. The Tapestry strikes again only this time, Darian and Jace will have to convince Sam that to choose them and their unquestioning devotion to her heart and a lifetime of unending love over returning all alone.


This story is an excellent send off to this sensually fascinating and uniquely magical series. ‘Strands of Love’ is filed with an abundance of emotional turbulence and lots of stirring and scorching hot passion. The characters are strong, captivating and easily draw readers into their story and the more the readers get to know these characters, the more obvious that Sam belongs with Jace and Darian, but their situations also speak to the readers which makes them sympathize with what the characters are going through.


The plot of this story is fast paced with lots of suspense and since the Tapestry has upped its game and changed the rules a bit, there’s even more thrilling suspense and excitement as readers wonder right along with the characters about what it will do next and what that means for the three of them. This dual outlook from both places and from all three characters captivate readers and has them holding on to the book with a white-knuckled grip as they yell at the characters to hurry up and make the right choice before the Tapestry does it for them.