5 Star Impeached

Impeached - Brenda Trim, Tami Julka


He never cared for shifters until he witnesses the magnitude of the torture and abuse and he can no longer ignore the cruel discrimination. As governor of Tennessee, Bart Smith vows that shifters will receive equal rights and hires the alluring Erika Pittman. Their passion ignites to a scorching level and they become the target of a public scandal one that could cost Bart his career and the woman he’s falling for and Erika faces losing her newfound happiness and spending her days in a six by eight prison cell.


Bart and Erika’s story is quite surprising and full of excitement, suspense and passion. These characters are strong, vibrant and are so fantastically cute together, while their romance is full of sizzling chemistry and emotionally turbulence which ensures that readers want to know every bit to their story.


The plot is fast pace and full of adrenaline pumping suspense as the hostilities between humans and shifters are reaching deadly proportions and puts both their lives in jeopardy. Their relationship progresses despite all of the turbulence only the evil scientist and the law are adding sticks of dynamite to the already volatile situation and their happily ever after may be something that they barely get a taste of. Exciting twists, ‘a just knew it’ betrayal and a spirited romance ensure that readers remain glued to the pages of this fascinating and gripping ‘Hollow Rock Shifter’ story.