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Welcome to a fabulous new week, Readers! Today we are joining Tennessee Governor Bart Smith to find out how the state views his stand on shifters! Enjoy and don't forget to add Impeached by Brenda Trim and Tami Julka to your shelves!





Bart Smith, governor of Tennessee, has never cared for shifters. He sees them as violent and unpredictable. So long as they abide by the laws set in place and keep to themselves, he's content with the status quo. But when duty calls, and he witnesses the magnitude of torture and abuse, he can no longer ignore the cruel discrimination, and vows that shifters will receive equal rights. Subsequently, he hires the alluring Erika Pittman and his world becomes further entwined with the intriguing shifters. Their passion ignites to a scorching level and they become the target of a public scandal. As pressure to resign builds and Bart's life is threatened, he must make a difficult choice. One that could cost him everything, including his career and the woman he's fallen for. 


Erika Pittman has searched her whole life for a pack where she is loved and respected. Her small stature has led to ridicule and bullying by family and pack members which leaves her mentally scarred, not to mention, formed a concrete wall around her broken soul. When she's rescued from a lab facility that captures and torments shifters, Erika is taken to Safe Haven, home of the Hollow Rock pack. She's quickly appointed to a position that takes her to Chattanooga, the governor's mansion, and the incredibly rich, arrogant (and undeniably sexy) Bart Smith. She wants to hate him but his continued effort and support prove her wrong at every turn. He leaves her wolf howling for more, and she cannot suppress her desires for long. As political turmoil rises to an insurmountable level, Erika finds herself on the receiving end of extreme injustice and wonders if her newfound happiness will end with her spending the rest of her days in a six by eight prison cell. 




He never cared for shifters until he witnesses the magnitude of the torture and abuse and he can no longer ignore the cruel discrimination. As governor of Tennessee, Bart Smith vows that shifters will receive equal rights and hires the alluring Erika Pittman. Their passion ignites to a scorching level and they become the target of a public scandal one that could cost Bart his career and the woman he’s falling for and Erika faces losing her newfound happiness and spending her days in a six by eight prison cell.


Bart and Erika’s story is quite surprising and full of excitement, suspense and passion. These characters are strong, vibrant and are so fantastically cute together, while their romance is full of sizzling chemistry and emotionally turbulence which ensures that readers want to know every bit to their story. 


The plot is fast pace and full of adrenaline pumping suspense as the hostilities between humans and shifters are reaching deadly proportions and puts both their lives in jeopardy. Their relationship progresses despite all of the turbulence only the evil scientist and the law are adding sticks of dynamite to the already volatile situation and their happily ever after may be something that they barely get a taste of. Exciting twists, ‘a just knew it’ betrayal and a spirited romance ensure that readers remain glued to the pages of this fascinating and gripping ‘Hollow Rock Shifter’ story.





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Impeached is the 5th book in the Hollow Rock Shifters series




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1 Captivity

2 Safe Haven

3 Alpha 

4 Ravin

5 Impeached




Dark Warrior Alliance # 20 - Maven Warrior - 

September 24, 2019



Hollow Rock Shifters # 6 - Impeached - TBA



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Neither Brenda nor Tami grew up writing stories or dreaming of one day being authors but that changed when they shared a joint dream of creating a world to bring to life the stories of a group of dangerously handsome supernaturals.


Brenda is a Southern California girl who grew up in a chaotic house with ten siblings. Brenda survived the brutal murder of her first husband, John DeCaprio, at the hands of the children he was counseling to go on and help children in similar situations. Brenda remarried years later and now lives with her husband and their three fun-loving, energetic children. She loves running, reading, cooking, and Monster Energy drinks. And, Tami's margaritas!


Tami is a southern girl, born and raised in Georgia. She is married and has two boys, so needless to say, she is surrounded by testosterone. We are trying to bottle Tami's strength and positive outlook on life. It has helped her beat breast cancer and she is a proud three-year survivor. She loves reading paranormal romances, running at the lake near her home, watching college football (Go Dawgs!!!), and is always in search of the next best margarita.


Their life journeys led them both to Texas and one another. They fast became best friends and can always be found together. Whether it's lounging by the pool or writing steamy love scenes, they are frequently seen laughing and smiling!



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