4 Star Spark

Spark - R.K. Close


Liam MaKenzie and his brothers have a secret, they are wolf shifters living among unsuspecting community they have made their home, only their home is now being threatened by a group of vampires taking up residency. Tenacious new reporter, Jessica Parker is strangely drawn to Liam though is she is determined to get her story, but Jessica’s also turned the head of dangerous rogue vampire and the stakes are high.


This exciting series debut has strong, compelling characters that easily capture the reader’s attention and the romance between Liam and Jessica is charming but quite turbulent as Liam is trying to protect his secret while protecting Jessica without giving in to their sizzling and magnetic attraction. Meanwhile, Jessica is a determined to write the next big story, despite the competition but finds herself discovering way more than she ever wanted to know. Readers can’t help but see both the hero and the heroines points of view and bite their nails in suspense wondering if they will be able to reach a happily ever after.


The plot gives the impression of being a little on the slow side, but it’s really pretty much non-stop suspense and it’s not in boring in any way as it keeps readers on the edge of their seat. Unexpected twists keeps the suspense building as the Liam and his brothers are discovering more and more about their selves and the supernatural world they live in while trying to protect their town from a dangerous rogue vampire. The author has created a very intriguing world with some surprising elements that make the story a bit different from others, of course this doesn’t count the sexy firefighting, wolf shifter brothers that capture the readers’ hearts in this thrilling paranormal romance.