5 Star Riptide

Riptide - Susan  Hayes


Due to a letter from her dead mother, Jessica travels across the country to the wilds of the west coast in search for answers, but instead she finds two gorgeous men who want her in their lives and in their bed. Rory Frazier’s birthright is to lead their secret colony of selkies, but only if he and his blood brother, Evan Sinclair, can find their mate. While fate brought Jessica to them, uncovering the colony’s dark past may just send her running.


This thrilling series debut has strong, passionate characters that readers can easily relate to and easily captures their hearts with a heartfelt romance full of sizzling chemistry. The relationship is full of fiery sparks, scorching hot passion and lots of sweetness but it is also full of emotional turmoil due to secrets being revealed that impact their lives and of course Jessica having to come to terms with a triad relationship. Readers can’t help but sympathize with Jessica and encourage her to seize her future with both hands as they become caught up in their story.


The plot of the story is fast paced and full of suspense and excitement as the truth about Jessica’s past and with some stunning twists, the colony’s secrets comes to light as well as who and what Jessica really is. The author has created a wonderfully steamy and fascinating world about selkies with her own unique twist on the mythology that really changes things up, especially her take on their skins ensuring that readers can really sink their teeth into the excitement and passion, leaving reality behind.