5 Windswept Stars

Windswept - Susan  Hayes


Her best friend is getting married and the last thing on Vivian Waverly’s mind is romance – until she meets two men who just might be able to tame her restless heart. Selkie shapeshifters, Tucker Pine and Bryon Triggs are bound by blood and magic and destined to share a mate – and they want it to be Vivian. Fate may have helped them find each other, but the trio will have to break the rules, defy tradition and forge a new path for themselves and the Kismet Cove colony is they want to stay together.


Another wonderfully engaging and super steamy book in the ‘Kismet Cove’ series with strong, bold characters that take reader’s by storm. Tucker, and Bryon have some seriously electrical chemistry with Vivian but she’s isn’t looking for romance and has no plans to stay in Kismet Cove, so they will work hard and use their scorching hot wooing passions to convince her that they are meant to be together. But their relations also has a colony full of secrets and a deranged selkie standing in the way of their happiness.


Readers are captured hook, line and sinker by this fast paced story full of steam and thrilling suspense as they wonder how this threesome will work things out especially once the secrets out of the bag and a deranged selkie decides that a human isn’t good enough. Once again, readers are enthralled with wonderfully magical world and its stimulating traditions.