5 Star Rebel

Rebel - Addison Carmichael


Were-Cougar princess, Jade Lamarche escapes to neutral territory in order to avoid a forced, loveless marriage to a man she detests, but discovers that the neutral territory is dangerous country and female cats are rare and highly sought after. Were-Wolf prince Luke Bryant breaks from the unjust and restrictive laws and constraints of his pack and disappears into neutral territory but Luke didn’t count on befriending a lone female Cougar who requires his help at every turn or the fact that against every natural law known to were-kind, he’s impossibly developing feelings for her.


This newest book in the ‘Sons of the Alpha’ series in an exciting and engaging story with strong, bold characters who brave leaving everything they know for the unknown with a strength of conviction that is admirable. The romance between Jade and Luke has lots of sizzling chemistry but they keep trying to keep it at friends only due to the fact that wolves never fall in love cats which keeps emotions running high on top of all the angst caused by trying to forge a new life in a dangerous place.


The fast paced plot keeps readers riveted to the pages with lots of high risk adrenaline excitement and thrilling suspense as Luke and Jade try to determine who they can trust and stunning twists that show that sometimes new over old is the best way to go. Betrayals and a maniacal enemy with a complex manipulative plan that has been going on longer that anyone could possibly believe ensures that there is never a dull moment to be found in this riveting romance.