New Release Review! Billionaire Oil Bearons: A Bear Fursuits Box Set (Billionaire Oil Bearons) Isadora Montrose!




 Good Morning Readers! Today we are going to visit some Billionaire Oil Bearons! Enjoy and don't forget to add Billionaire Oil Bearons: A Bear Fursuits Box Set by Isadora Montrose to your shelves!





Billionaire Oil Bearons Box Set: 5 BBW/Bearshifter Romances


Rich bears in need of feisty fated mates.


From the Cascades to the prairies of Colorado, the possessive Billionaire Oil Bearons pursue their fated mates…


Bear Skin: Bear shifter Zeke is half-dead when he pounds on Jenna’s cabin door. This she-bear doesn’t have much choice but to thaw the frozen stranger out – skin to skin. Will Zeke’s billions persuade his curvy angel to take a chance on a surly, wounded warrior?


Bear Pause: Laura will lose the ranch she’s spent ten years running, unless she rustles up a husband and child from thin air. Her burly new stable hand looks like he’s up for a temporary marriage. But alpha male Steve has a few secrets too, and he isn’t the kind of bear to abandon wife and cubs. 


Bear Sin: Arrogant lawyer Patrick cherishes his slick veneer. But a chance encounter with country bear Heather is about to upend his life. A shotgun marriage, cubs on the way, and a missing bride will force his protective bear out of hiding.


Bear Fate: When she runs off to Colorado, she-bear Amber finds herself caught between two warriors. Filthy rich Calvin has spent his whole life stuffing his bear down deep, but Amber rouses it from hibernation. Lance Prescott returned from war with disfiguring scars and a wounded soul. Which of these alphas will win curvy Amber’s heart?


Snowed in with the Bear: BBW Amanda is proud of her military career, her late husband, and of being a grizzly. She never expected desire to come knocking in the shape of a dominant younger man. Especially not a black bear who waxes his chest. But once they slake their forbidden lusts, shift happens.



Adventure, steam, and humor blend into romantic stories that will keep you reading way past bedtime. Binge read the entire Billionaire Oil Bearons romances tonight. Guaranteed happy ever after. Contains bonus chapters of Beloved by the Bear.




From the Cascades to the prairies of Colorado, possessive billionaire oil bearons pursue their fated mates. Zeke almost freezes to death and this has persuade his savior to take chance on a surly wounded warrior. Laura has to rustle up a husband and child or lose her ranch and her burly new hand looks like he’s up for a temporary marriage. While Patrick who cherishes his slick veneer is about to have his life upended by a chance encounter, Amber finds herself caught between two warriors and Amanda never expected desire to come knocking.


Once readers start this cute and charming box set, they will have to binge read them all because these rich bears are in need of feisty fated mates which is entertaining as well as passionate. All the characters in the stories are strong, captivating and easily draw readers in their stories as they find happily ever afters full of steam through adventure and humor. 


Readers will find themselves smiling throughout the emotional but heart warming romance in ‘Bear Skin’. In ‘Bear Pause’, readers can’t help but become caught up in the suspense and passion as Steve tries to convince that Laura that forever is better than a temporary contract while helping her catch the culprits behind the criminal mischief happening on her ranch. While in ‘Bear Sin’, the arrogant Patrick entertains readers with quite a few chuckles as him and his feisty mate turn his life upside down with a shot gun wedding and interfering family. Calvin, Lance and Amber sends readers through an emotional gauntlet full of turbulence, charm and passion as they try to reach a happily ever after in ‘Bear Fate.’ And readers’s can’t help but enjoy being ‘Snowed in with the Bear’ when shift happens as a younger man comes knocking at Amanda’s door and their attraction has sparks flying in every direction.


All the stories in this box set are fast paced, full of passion, wit, charm, fun and excitement that leaves readers craving more.





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Billionaire Oil Bearons




1 Bear Skin

2 Bear Pause

3 Bear Sin

4 Bear Fate

5 Snowed In with the Bear



Part of Bear Fursuits Series



AVAILABLE in ebook & Kindle Unlimited






Isadora Montrose writes steamy paranormal romance about shifters of all stripes. Her books transport you to exotic locales and give you a little break from the commonplace. Her alpha male heroes are swept off their feet by strong-minded, feisty, curvy women. There’s a mini-vacation in every story.


Join her as dragons, bears, phoenixes and others romp through her feel-good romantic comedies in quest of their fated mates. Passion, adventure, humor and sizzling action await you.





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