5 Star-Crossed Stars

Star-Crossed with Scarlett - Shelley Munro


Scarlett Mitchell can’t believe that she’s been captured by a dragon and once she learns of the dragon-man’s quest, she struggles with the blast of excitement and yearning that seizes her imagination. Ransom has been tossed into a living hell and everything meaningful to him is in danger unless he follows the orders of a prince lying in stasis.


This ‘Middlemarch Capture’ romance is a riveting and original story with some fun, some fascinating and some delightful and unique elements that readers love. Scarlett and Ransom are two very strong characters that have some rockin’ chemistry and their romance is full fire, zest and sparks as their passions rise throughout their quest. Only the romance may just be doomed because of the Prince Kalim has his own agenda that includes Scarlett which causes no end to the emotional turmoil flowing from the pages of the story.


The plot is fast paced with exhilarating suspense building throughout the story with adrenaline pumping danger popping up throughout their quest. This quest is full of deadly perils, intriguing characters, cute characters and deadly ones including a purple prince and that’s not including the volcano that threatens their every step which keeps readers on their toes as well and biting their nails in suspense. But this story has something more as well, it has passion, snark and a bit of fun gives readers an out of this world experience that they can’t put down.