4 Star Bad Panther

Bad Panther - Donna McDonald


An archaeologist and an Ancient Earth Historian, Dr. Sugar Jennings has a problem, she’s the host of a very old, very ancient artifact of enormous power and everyone wants the power she possesses. Rogue Panther Shifter and heir to Lyran throne Axed Rodu has one job to do concerning the archeologist and one job only, by order of his queen he must make sure Dr. Jennings stays alive until the artifact is done with her, no matter what it takes.


Bad Panther is a very different kind of story, it’s a cross between paranormal, science fiction and fantasy with a super hero thrown in. The characters are strong, captivating and easily draw readers into their story while fascinating them with all of the different elements. The romance between Axel and Sugar is full of electrical chemistry and steamy passion. The attraction is there and the relationship is building but the artifact may be an obstacle they can’t overcome, or maybe it’s all the people that would love to get their hands on Sugar.


The author has certainly created a fascinating world – one that challenges world views and is full of snark, fun, adventure and a unique, refreshingly different story plot. The suspense and excitement builds throughout the story ensuring that the readers remain engaged throughout, never have a dull moment and definitely want more of mysterious world.