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Hello Readers! Today I am visiting the planets of Incendium & Regalia to see if there will be a royal match between Dragon Princess Gemma and the Regalian Prince Urbanus and then I will step back in time to find out about Arista's Legacy! Enjoy and don't forget to Wyvern's Prince & Arista's Legacy by Deborah Cooke to your shelves!





Engaged to the crown prince Urbanus of Regalia, Gemma knows that her fiancé was the one to try to arrange Drakina’s assassination. She intends to keep the betrothal and take vengeance upon Urbanus from inside his palace. She’s not counting on more dark revelations about her betrothed, much less his beguiling charm. Alone in Urbanus’ palace, Gemma can only rely upon herself to ensure her survival—or can she trust the mysterious stranger who pledges to aid her, for his own reasons?



A Warrior Maiden of Cumae and a mercenary for hire, Arista is used to both hunting and being hunted. She accepts an assignment from Queen Arcana of Regalia so that she’ll have a chance to find the secret that can save both Regalia and Incendium from destruction. Arista never expects to be helped by one of Arcana’s own sons, much less that she will fall in love. How can she choose between defending her beloved and completing her quest?



Arista's Legacy is a short story in the Dragons of Incendium series. It should be read after Wyvern's Prince and before Wyvern's Warrior. Arista’s Legacy is available in a digital edition. It’s also included in the mini-book print edition of Wyvern’s Prince.




She’s engaged to the crown prince of Urbanus of Regalia, but Gemma knows that her fiancé was the once to arrange the attempt on Drakina’s life. She’s intends to keep the betrothal and take vengeance but she didn’t count his beguiling charm. Alone is Urbanus’ palace, Gemma can only rely upon herself for her survival – or can she trust the mysterious stranger who pledges to aid her, for his own reasons?


This ‘Dragons of Incendium’ romance is an adventurous and spellbinding fairy tale read that readers can really enjoy. There’s a hero, a heroine, a frog, a quest, a warrior, spells and a villain or two to keep readers glued to the pages and that’s not counting the wonderfully sweet, spark flying, sizzling chemistry romance that builds between a mysterious stranger and Gemma. Although neither expected the other to be the ONE, so the romance is a slow build up that has readers shivering in anticipation but chuckling in amusement at their antics and quick witted remarks. 


The plot is fast paced, exhilarating and fun with lots of suspense as Gemma and the stranger try to make it to the Queen’s Grotto in search of an antidote. Readers can’t find one dull moment throughout this adventurous romance and the stunning and unique conclusion is very satisfying and has readers chuckling and cheering in wonder and amazement. 




Arista is a Warrior Maiden of Cumae and a mercenary for hire who’s accepted an assignment from Queen Arcana of Regalia. She accepted for her own reasons but she never expected to be helped by one of Arcana’s own sons, much less that she would fall in love. 


This short story is very informative and gives lots of insight to the events that led up to Wyvern’s Prince, but it should not be read before the story due to spoilers. It tells Arista’s story illuminating her actions and the consequences which make for a thrilling and engaging read.




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Wyvern's Prince is the 2nd book & Arista's Legacy is #2.5 in the Draogns of Incendium series!



Features dragon shifter princesses whose adventures are out of this world!


Once, in the Kingdom of Incendium, there were twelve princesses of the realm, each a dragon shifter. Each fiery and passionate. Each possessed of an appetite for pleasure that only her destined mate can satisfy. Twelve men are expected in Incendium, each with special powers of his own, each with the gift to claim one dragon princess’s heart forever.


On the far side of the galaxy, two planets, Regalia and Incendium, are locked into orbit around a dying sun. Since the Queen of Regalia has twelve sons, and the King of Incendium has twelve daughters, it is clear to both monarchs that the time has come to put their differences aside and compel at least one pair of their children to marry. A prophecy that Drakina, the oldest daughter of the house of Incendium, will bear a son who will save the planet simply adds to the parental desire for a wedding.


The sons of Regalia are champions and knights. The daughters of Incendium are dragon shifters, fiery princesses with appetites beyond all expectation.


The first royal match does not work out well.



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Deborah Cooke also writes under the names Claire Delacroix and Claire Cross.


Bestselling and award-winning author Deborah Cooke has published over fifty novels and novellas, including historical romances, fantasy romances, fantasy novels with romantic elements, paranormal romances, contemporary romances, urban fantasy romances, time travel romances and paranormal young adult novels. She writes as herself, Deborah Cooke, as Claire Delacroix, and has written as Claire Cross. She is nationally bestselling, #1 Kindle Bestselling, KOBO Bestselling, as well as a USA Today and New York Times’ Bestselling Author. Her Claire Delacroix medieval romance, The Beauty, was her first book to land on the New York Times List of Bestselling Books.


Deborah was the writer-in-residence at the Toronto Public Library in 2009, the first time TPL hosted a residency focused on the romance genre, and she was honored to receive the Romance Writers of America PRO Mentor of the Year Award in 2012. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and of Novelists Inc.


Currently, she’s writing paranormal romances as Deborah Cooke, and medieval romances as Claire Delacroix.



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