5 Star Fighting

Fighting For Her (Wilde Ways #5) - Cynthia Eden


He’s an agent with Wilde Securities, he’s big, bad and not someone you want to have as an enemy, but Rick Williams’ cases don’t usually involve him protecting someone like her. She’s the daughter of an infamous mob boss who make sure she was locked away from the world and now Kathleen O’Shaughnessy is out on her own and the target of every enemy that her father made in his very long career.


It’s obvious from the very first meeting between Rick and Kathleen that they have some serious chemistry going on and that these two strong, bold characters are going delight readers with an enjoyable reading experience. Their romance starts off with sparks flying in every direction as Kathleen proceeds to tell Rick and everyone else that she’s not going to be miss meek and quiet. Delightful, chuckle inducing clashes between these two are spread throughout the story along with steamy passion and emotional turbulence and readers can’t help but feel as if they are part of their story as the Rick does his best to protect the spitfire.


The plot is faced paced and full of thrilling excitement as Rick and Kathleen barely stay one step ahead of the bad guys and the suspense begins to build as it soon becomes obvious that they can’t trust anyone. The danger escalates with lots of hair raising and nail biting events along with some unexpected twists which ensures that readers can’t possibly figure out who exactly wants her dead and who wants her alive and readers definitely don’t want to miss one second of this thrill-a-minute read.