4 Star Care

Handle with Care - Marie Harte


Evan Griffith finds himself taken by a teenage conman and confronted by a woman wielding a knife – and promptly falls head over heels for her. Kenzie Sykes doesn’t have time for romance, but Evan’s not asking… until he is, and she finds herself saying yes.


This contemporary romance is an emotionally ‘real’ romance with strong, likeable characters that draws readers in and refuses to let go. Evan and Kenzie have lots of chemistry but both characters have a few reservations about romance, Kenzie more than Evan since she is doing her best to raise her teenage brother, keep him out of jail and juggling her career. The relationship is full of emotions and real life events that really speak to the readers while the story also provides quite a few chuckles as Evan tries his best to fit in with Kenzie’s family and friends.


The plot is steady paced and all of the characters just seem to say ‘come on in’ and join us in our life which ensures that readers really want to get to know them all and of course they want to know everything about Kenzie and Evan’s romance. The story is a delightfully charming and heartwarming read that can really get caught up in.