5 Star Memento

Dark Memento (Verona Bay #1) - Katie Reus


Eight years ago, Serenity Washington was lucky to escape after watching her twin sister’s murder. After her sister’s killer was caught, she relocated and tried to move on with her life. She started a family, but after her husband dies unexpectedly, she moves back to the last place remembers being happy, Verona Bay. Within months of her homecoming, she starts receiving gifts and taunting notes, which has her turning to the local sheriff for help. She has no doubt that she’s the ultimate target, but with her sister’s murderer behind bars, she has no idea who’s stalking her.


This series is off to a great start with another spine chilling suspense and rockin’ romance story from this bestselling author. The characters are strong, bold and quite captivating, easily grabbing the reader’s attention from the very beginning. The chemistry between Serenity and Lucas is full of electricity and while it is obvious that their attraction is not going to go away, the relationship has quite a bit of emotional turbulence to overcome as Serenity’s traumatic past continuously rears its ugly head and readers can’t help but empathize and connect with the characters as the town suffers the turmoil of the past.


The steady paced plot keeps readers biting their nails in chilling, nail-biting suspense and unexpected twists that stuns readers with OMG moments. It also makes it impossible for readers to truly guess who the culprit is and just what their true motivations are. The smart and cunning unsub also have a different twist from other unsubs that makes the story even more interesting and readers can’t put this truly engaging and thrilling story down.