5 Star Wyvern's Warrior

Wyvern's Warrior - Deborah Cooke


Princess Thalina intercepts a mysterious stranger when he tries to break into the palace, ends up abducted and held captive but finds herself intrigued by the dangerous mercenary and strangely sympathetic to his quest.


This delightful Space Dragon romance is cute and amusing, full of passion, action, suspense. Thalina is a bit of a rebel with outlandish ideas that defies tradition when it comes to androids which causes a bit of strife in her family life but comes in quite handy when she meets the dangerous mercenary that sneaks into the palace. Their attraction and the chemistry between them is scorching but the relationship is doomed according to Incendium laws, which has quite a bit of emotional turmoil flowing from the pages. But this also causes a lot of suspense and excitement to the story as Thalina becomes determined to keep her man in this fast paced, exhilarating story that charms readers from start to finish.