4 Hot & Bothered Stars

Hot & Bothered - Terri A. Wilson


Since he failed to protect the woman he loves, Remington’s beliefs are shattered, he doesn’t who to trust and he’s lost all confidence. Serving next to Remi as Queen was never on Dai’s vision board, but she must live up to her destiny or lose the man she loves. With savage murders afflicting Atlanta, Remi and Dai will have set aside their differences and their need for independence and fight together as one.


This serial romance is getting more and more suspenseful and intriguing with lots of new characters and surprising twists that keeps readers from having any clue just what may happen next. Dai and Remi are finally realizing that fate made a wonderful choice in partners for each of them but their relationship is beginning to falter due to the emotional toll that the situation in Atlanta is causing each of them to experience. Not to mention the stress of planning a royal wedding and of course the questioning of whether or not they can actually pull off being King and Queen. The story is short and of course ends with a cliff hanger but it is fast paced and packed full of action, excitement and some stunning twist that changes everything readers thought they knew about what is going on in this energetic world.