5 Star Lethal Nights

Lethal Nights - Lora Leigh


He is no stranger to the dark side and as a safe-house owner for the Brute Force security agency, Dragon knows that that battle line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man – even beautiful women. She need help, but the kind of protection that Emma Jane needs comes at a cost – one that only someone like Dragon can provide.


This romantic suspense is the type of romance that speaks to readers and has them drooling over the sexy hero with the dark side. The chemistry between Dragon and Emma Jane sizzles with heat from every page and the couple certainly have no trouble with the passion side of things as this story has pretty steamy interactions but the relationship however has some issues due to Emma Jane’s trust issues and Dragon’s fearing no woman would be able to handle this rough, tough, scary alpha male with a very dark past. So this story while passionate has quite a bit of emotional turmoil flowing from the pages, especially with fear and anger that the situation is causing.


The story is fast paced and full of danger, excitement and lots of thrills as everyone tries to determine just who has targeted Emma Jane for death. The story not only several adrenaline pumping attacks on Emma Jane but the story also has the unfolding story involving the details of Dragon’s past and a family legend that adds lots of fascination and intrigue to the story as well. Readers can’t take their eyes from the pages with the never ending suspense and surprising twists that keeps readers gripping the book in a white knuckled grip.