4 Trouble Stars

The Trouble With Christmas - Amy Andrews


All she wants in an over-the-top, eggnog-induced holiday with her best friend, but her parents insists she comes home for a boring Christmas in New York, so Suzanne St. Michelle does what any sane rational woman would do, she claims her landlord is really her boyfriend who really loves Christmas. He does not love Christmas or company or chatty women, unfortunately Joshua Grady finds himself agreeing to Suzanne’s charade.


This ‘Credence Colorado’ holiday romance an emotional gripping tale with the most delightful hokiest Christmas ever to tickle the readers' holiday spirit . Although a bit hard to get into at first, the story soon picks up and the strong, captivating characters subtly draw readers into their story and before readers know it, they are hooked. The chemistry between Suzanne and Joshua is quite electrical and leaps off the pages but this relationship is one where the hero fights tooth and nail against opening his heart and letting anyone due to his past and the heroine has her own issues to deal with, so while this couple ‘fits’, the relationship is full of sparks, clashes and emotional turmoil that keeps things quite interesting.


The plot of the story happens at a steady pace and is quite suspenseful as readers wonder how this unlikely couple will manage to pull this elaborate charade. This results in lots of chuckles and fun, especially as the couple go to some pretty cut throat negotiations to get through this holiday and readers just have to turn the pages to find just what will happen next as it spreads some holiday cheer the readers' way.