4 Star Matriarch

Matriarch - J.M. Davis


Having always walked the path that her father paved for her, Layla Carson’s life shifts into overdrive when she hears a mysterious voice in the lab begging for help. The voice names her the “Matriarch” and apparently she’s destined for greatness in the animal kingdom and shifter world, but this also makes her the target of many who just want her extraordinary DNA, so she must decide who is friend and who is foe. Including the sexy Roland Stone.


A refreshingly different and very engaging shifter romance that gets the adrenaline pumping right from the start. All the characters are compelling, but Layla is the strongest and as the story is about her coming into her destiny, readers can’t help but be drawn to her as she hones her newfound abilities and unleashes them against the ones determined to destroy her. The attraction between Layla and Roland is magnetic and readers can plainly see that they are meant for each other but the story focuses more on the overall plot than on the romance.


The story takes place at a fast pace and full of thrilling suspense, exciting events, twists and a betrayal that ensures that the readers never find a dull moment throughout this story. The author has created a fascinating world with some elements that shakes up the shifter world and while readers may feel that some of the events in the story should have been embellished a bit more, the overall story is an exciting read that they just can’t put down.