5 Star Crazy Wolf

One Crazy Wolf - Eliza Gayle


He is the only sane wolf among a pack of intelligence challenged rogues, so Simon wonders why he volunteered for this insane mission, except he knows exactly why he did it and he can’t hide the truth much longer…not once he catches the scent of the new girl town. She fled Scotland and followed her brother to the Southern mountains of America to escape what her family considers her obligation but what Kenize finds instead could bring down her past, present and future.


This ‘Southern Shifter’ romance is an emotionally gripping read with strong, vivid characters and the hero and heroine have oodles of insane chemistry that makes it obvious that they belong together. But of course, things aren’t so easy, for one is a dragon and one is a wolf and readers can’t help but be intrigued right from the start as this romance rocks everyone’s world including Simon and Kenzie. The heroine has a heartbreaking and valid reason why their mating can’t happen but Simon is a scientist with a heart of gold that makes readers sigh in delight and he’s determined that he will find away.


The plot is fast paced and full of thrills and excitement as the relationship between Simon and Kenize is spirited, quite rocky and amusing at times which keeps readers charmed and delighted throughout. Family interventions and desperate times cause drastic measures that also add to the suspense and excitement and readers certainly can’t find a dull moment in this energetic and enchanting read. Quick call Dr. Simon for a cure for the heart palpitations readers are having!