5 Star Mistletoe

Under the Mistletoe - Deborah Cooke


Even though it’s been years, Christmas reminds Chynna of what she’s lost and makes her miss her husband even more and attending a Christmas wedding would be another reminder. After being persuaded to go, Chynna decides that a hook-up with Trevor could be a way to move beyond her grief. Always focused on building success, Treavor’s never had time for love. His friend’s wedding makes him aware that he doesn’t want to be alone anymore and Chynna is the woman he’s been waiting for.


This wonderful romance is a delightfully cheerful, heartwarming and can put anyone - even Scrooge - in the holiday spirit. This romance has strong, charismatic characters that easily draw readers into their story and the chemistry between Chynna and Trevor sizzles with lots of heat ensuring that resistance is futile. The story has lots of emotional turbulence that flows from the pages and while some is sad, the story is about healing and opening up one’s heart, which warms the heart as Treavor endeavors to convince Chynna that he’s worth the risk.


The plot is steady paced and flows smoothly through a busy time of the year, a wedding and a blizzard which adds some thrilling excitement to the story and that’s not mentioning all the scorching passion of the romance. This charming holiday story has a touch of whimsy and is a perfect one to read by the fire on a cold night and a hot chocolate.