Review! Mad Panther (Alien Guardians of Earth #2) Donna McDonald!



I am going to check in with Dr. Sugar Jennings to find out what's been happening with her Bad Panther, lately. Enjoy and don't forget to add MAD PANTHER by Donna McDonald to your shelves!






Sugar left on sentient blade business. She came home to a very mad panther.


When the sentient blade sends her on a rescue mission, Dr. Sugar Jennings sneaks out of her Bad Panther’s bed without saying goodbye. Why? Because a woman’s got to do what she’s got to do.


Okay, not really. Sugar’s more of a straight forward kind of person who would have preferred having the freaking fight to all the subterfuge. Axel’s father, Rodu—a fellow blade host and her mentor—says asking forgiveness later is far better than asking for permission which she’s never going to get.


Sugar doesn’t understand why her alien panther shifter slash next-in-line for the Lyran throne mate is all up in her sentient blade business. She thinks Rodu should have done a better job teaching his thick-headed son about the concept of maintaining some personal space while in a relationship.


Sugar’s blade business turns out to be saving another sentient blade host. This one is a silver-spooned, cocky kid fresh out of college whose ineptitude and negative attitude makes Sugar look like the best blade host ever selected. The younger man is amusing and adorable but also a big pain in everyone’s rear, especially her new alien-sister-in-law’s. But like it or not, the kid is the host of the other Protector blade which means he’s Sugar’s counterpart. She has to tolerate him and keep him alive if she can.


Honestly? All this blade drama is starting to wear on Sugar’s last nerve. She needs some space to be what she needs to be. Her alien panther isn’t the only one getting mad over the situation.




A woman’s got to do what she’s got to do, so when the sentient blade sends Sugar Jennings on a rescue mission, she sneaks of her Bad Panther’s bed without saying goodbye. The blade’s business turns out to be saving another sentient blade host – who just happens to be a cocky kid fresh out of college and while amusing and adorable, he’s also a bit pain in everyone’s rear. Honestly, all this blade drama is starting to wear on Sugar’s last nerve and her alien panther isn’t the only getting mad over the situation.


The second alien panther story has the romance between Sugar and her sexy panther becoming a bit rocky due to all the business the blade has Sugar attending to and her panther’s over protectiveness. And the rest of the family has their hands full with an uprising and one of Sugar’s alien –sister-in-law is having quite the time handling the new sentient blade host that Sugar has brought home with her. So emotions are running high and where it all ends nobody knows which keeps readers quite amused and completely tuned in. 


The story is fast paced and has lots of suspense and excitement happening throughout guaranteeing that readers can’t put the book down for fear of missing something. Missions, betrayals, secrets revealed and life changing news are strategically found throughout this book as well which another entertaining and fascinating reason to keep the readers’ eyes glued to the pages.




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MAD PANTHER is the 2nd book in the ALIEN GUARDIANS OF EARTH series.



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I am an active dreamer and find writing to be the best way to use my creativity. Needing to satisfy both sides of my brain, I have become a cross-genre author of contemporary, romantic comedy, fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romances. 


I feel blessed that my books appear on bestseller lists for humor, romantic comedy, space opera, and more. I crave laughter from all my readers and focus my attention on making that happen as often as possible. 


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