5 Star Defend

His to Defend - Rhenna Morgan


Russian vor Sergei Petrovyh’s knows he should keep his hands off someone as beloved by the locals as Evie, but there’s something about that calls to him. Evie has certainly noticed the powerful Russian mafia boss – he’s as hot as his reputation is dangerous, but right now she needs money to get her son out of trouble and her other needs will have to wait. She can’t help falling deeper in love with each passing day, but when a rival brings violence to her doorstep, Evie must come to grips with loving a man who will do anything to defend her.


The first ‘NOLA Knight’ story is as suspenseful as it is romantic, engaging and entices readers to hold their kindle or book close, so that they don’t miss one word. The characters are strong and believable with a hero that is bad to the bone tough but has a heart that is always in the right place while the heroine is a determined and courageous single mom. The chemistry between the two has sparks flying and singes the pages while the romance is quite sweet with quite a bit of emotional turmoil as the couple has to make decisions regarding what’s right for each of them when it comes to Sergei’s status.


The plot is steady to fast paced and full of suspense and excitement that keeps readers glued to the pages as the couple face “real” life decisions and choices, betrayals and “no way” twists. Readers can’t help but become caught up in this story as it is the hero is a perfect balance between bad boy and a white knight while the heroine is brave enough to step into his world and accept his life.